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Brain Training for Dogs is an online ebook that works as online training to develop the brain of your dog and to boost their ability to focus and understand your command. The course works following the fact that dogs are not intentionally disobedient; it’s just that they are too distracted to follow your command. If  you SignUp for Brain Training 4 Dogs online course, you will receive a PDFdownload file of the main course book, a bonus book, and lifelong membership to this program or it’s website. Registered members get the opportunity to explore all the videos related to how-to brain training category.  It starts with an introduction to force-free training sessions.

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All the exercises included in the course follows the same force-free method. Furthermore, this section of the course will help you in knowing what mistake you were making earlier while training your dog.  The Brain Training 4 Dogs Course feature 21 unique games that anyone can teach their dog following the guidelines as mentioned in the book. Most dog owners have found these games easy to play. And each of the game is explained in-depth with the help of video lectures.And if your Pooch still isn’t catching on there’s a troubleshooting guide that’s very helpful .

The complete course and book is designed by a professional dog trainer named Adrienne Faricelli.She is from to Italy and become a certified dog trainer in the year of 1995. Later, she moved to the US, and she got the certification here as well in 2004. Adrienne has always supported friendlier training methods.And has been against Force training She has also been an author for Nest Pets, Ehow, Everdog Magazine, and many others. Now, she has put all her expertise into her Brain Training For Dogs Course. 

Here is more about her and her certifications 

CCPDT-KA Certification (Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed)

APICC Certification (Italian Association of Dog Training Instruction and Canine Consultants)

Work featured in USA Today and Every Dog Magazine

Contributions to eHow and All Experts

Running a cage-less board and train business

Training service dogs for military veterans

If that kind of trick training sounds appealing to you, there are also seven instructional videos on the topic.

Your dog can learn.

Take a Bow

Cover his Eyes (‘Shame on You’)

Play Dead


Shake Hands


Roll Over

 A research from 1980 and Studies suggests that Most people train their dog by using either punishment or negative reinforcement to teach them that misbehaving would have harsh repercussions. However, most of such practicesorce-free and positive reinforcement dog training can help dog owners achieve better results without being cruel. However, until now, many amateur and professional trainers are using pain, dominance, fear, and other inhumane methods. And this must be changed.For most of us these pets are part of our family.No animal should be treated like that.

Challenge your dog mentally 

The games are divided into various levels using kind of like a school set up for example you start at preschool and then move them up to Elementary then high school and Etc until they reach graduation and finally the  einstein level.There are challenges at the end of each section where your dog can earn a grade from and a all the way to an F all dogs can earn a grade A but sometimes they need more time just like humans they learn at a different rate.The idea behind this is to gradually increase your dog’s mental aptitude and build their confident.

Here are some behavior you can correct

  • Whining
  • Barking
  • Digging
  • Growing
  • Chewing
  • Jumping

 Dog training schedule

Module 1: Preschool

Don’t let the name deceive you. Everything in this part of the class is essential. Without this foundation, nothing in the later lessons would be possible. This section includes guidance on how to get your dog to focus on you, regardless of what else is going on.

Module 2: Elementary School

Here’s where you and your dog will really have fun. Tap into your dog’s senses by playing scent-related games and completing challenges. You’ll learn how to manage your dog’s energy, a must for those with high-energy pups.

Module 3: High School

In the high-school level, it introduces the real nuances of communication. Patience and impulse control are taught through games, keeping your dog interested throughout the session. There’s even a “bobbing for treats” water challenge, a favorite for any highly treat-motivated pup.

Module 4: College

The concentration basics at the beginning of the program are further developed in “college,” where your dog’s motor skills are honed. Games in this section include more scent work, agility, and controlling anticipation.

Module 5: University

All the skills your dog has learned up to this point are combined to complete more advanced training. It covers impulse control, separation anxiety, and confidence-building. For those with dogs who bark inappropriately, there’s a useful “look at that” game.

Module 6: Graduation & Module 7: Einstein

Module explanation

In these modules, your dog basically learns how to be a real show-off. Challenges include leg-weaving, serpentines, piano-playing (yes, you read that right!), and the ability to pick out toys by name. These may sound like party tricks, but they do an incredible job of boosting your dog’s cognitive ability.

The great thing about this dog training is it does not assume that your dog already has basic training starts with some simple obedience training such as sit and down and there’s a choice of techniques described such as a clicker or verbal markers so if you and your dog are new at training no problem just start The Obedience 101 section otherwise you can skip this and head straight for the school.If your dog is having troubles learning any of this there’s a troubleshooting section that advises you how to simplify the process.

With This program, you can expect your dog to have.

  • An increased attention span
  • A deeper capacity to bond
  • Improved health
  • A better temperament
  • The desire to behave and willingness to learn


Pros And Cons Of The Brain Training For Dogs 

  • Force-free training principle
  • Dog-friendly and effective training
  • Several videos that support the book
  • Free bonus book for more effective training
  • Very reasonable and affordable price
  • Bad sound recording in a few videos


I found this program to be great, the price is not super high, and it doesn’t use forceful training like a lot of dog trainers use so in this case it builds more  confidence . And just a better relationship between you and your dog, and the bad thing about using forceful training they are always living in fear. This training program that’s taken out of the equation and just all-around it’s a great training course and the price is right and it’s worth looking into.

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