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A little bit about me, I do live in the United States. I am from a rural area. I’ve had pets my entire life cats dogs horses a variety of different animals, and as of my pets like my dog, they are family to me they are a big part of my life so I designed this website to give people options so they can provide the best life healthiest life they can, I am not a dog breeder. All my pets have been from the shelter I find that if I can save one of their lives that’s a plus. I’ve never paid for any of my pets all my pets have been rescues and that is not going to change. Every dog that I have rescued has been a blessing I’ve never had any issues except for some simple training which there’s a training program on my website that has done wonders, and it builds trust so I’ve been very happy with it. So I decided to add that to my website as well. I have done a lot of research on these programs and products and from what I can come up with as they are all legit I have been conned many times so I’m defensive when it comes to checking stuff out online. So my goal is to genuinely help people and hopefully make a better life for them and their pets that is my goal. Thank you for checking out my website. I hope you have a wonderful day.


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