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If you want to help your fur baby out and feel like old selves, you may want to consider investing in some quality CBD for dogs and pets. As CBD has become a popular wellness care trend. More and more products have hit the market, and there has been a lot of confusing information online. We all want to treat our dogs like part of the family.
Are you looking for some good high-quality CBD treats for your dogs? These cheerful canines can bring you great joy, funny moments, and lifelong companionship but owning a dog comes with some difficulty. Dogs are prone to many of the same diseases as humans and can become affected by anxiety, arthritis, diabetes, general pain, and some discomfort.


Hemp is the sister plant to marijuana. The difference is and does not contain THC which is the effect of getting you high or stone. People get worried about getting their dogs high. It does not contain the THC that marijuana does, but it does contain the same properties for health benefits. Also has seemed promising for both pets and humans.

Things To remember.

In recent years pet owners and veterinarians have been overwhelmed with CBD products. Its widespread availability and all the internet buzz, have made CBD for dogs very popular nowadays. With only a handful of specific studies currently available. More data is needed to understand how CBD products may benefit our pets.
CBD for dogs is a new thing, and there are a lot of people out there trying to make a profit off of selling a bad product. There has not been a lot of research done on CBD for dogs. But through all the research I have found a few legitimate stores, with good reviews. Always look for organic products that should not contain pesticides or solvents. Don’t go out and buy the biggest and cheapest bottle you can find. It will most likely contain heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides. Using CBD treats is the easiest way to give your dog CBD. Stay away from companies that use third parties to produce their hemp oil. It’s always a good idea to start out slow and don’t give a full dose right away just in case. Like humans, they can have a reaction to it that can be negative.

To Keep In Mind

The CBD Label is not always honest. So please be careful. You need to be careful what you buy, and I said it before don’t go out and buy the cheapest stuff you can find. CBD for dogs has been used for pain treatment in dogs. Most dog owners decided to use CBD for dogs and cats to treat pain management. Also seizures, neoplasia, and for the quality of life. It works very well for anxiety.
Medicinal hemp plants contain large amounts of CBD. While it is legal, It has been regulated by the U.S Food and Drug Administration AKA [ FDA]. At present time there’s only one hemp base that has been approved by the FDA. All other hemp products that sold as supplements. These products still contain CBD. The FDA is watchful to ensure CBD products don’t make drug claims. An example is making claims that it’s a cure for a disease.

The Break Down CBD

One constant in botanical medicine is that medicinal plants are very rare. If ever, contain only one biologically active compound. Cannibal plants do produce a wide range of phytochemicals and terpene. Phytocannabinoids are plant-based compounds that act on the endocannabinoid receptors throughout the entire body. There bin over 100 phytocannabinoids isolated from cannabis. Many of these compounds, like CBD and THC, have profound physiological effects and are subject to throughout research. Terpenes are isoprene-based essential oils produced by the cannabis plant. Many of which also have biological activity, including some that have direct endocannabinoid activity.
 The current veterinary research is more focused on CBD. It’s also very important to realize that cannabis is not a single active compound. Cannabis is a combination of biologically active and phytochemicals working together. This is known as the entourage effect. It to believed by many researchers and clinicians to be critical to the effectiveness of botanical medicines and cannabis in particular.

Some Clinical Research Done.

 A 2018 clinical trial showing the effect of CBD on osteoarthritis in dogs showed a reduction in pain when CBD has been given. At 2mg vs placebo with no negative side effects. CBD’s efficacy in controlling pain is likely due to its anti-inflammatory effects as well as allosteric modulation of opioid receptors. It’s not shown yet in veterinary-specific research. Also suggests that CBD can be good for controlling other types of pain. These pain-relieving effects also extend to other cannabinoids including THC. This may have additional analgesic properties directly to the central nervous system. Also, many veterinarians and reports from pet owners as well support this.
Cannabis has been used for a while now to treat seizures. The research confirms what many people have stated for a long time about its ability to decrease seizures in severity. Also how frequent of the seizures. In 2018, the FDA approved the First Federal use of a hemp-based CBD medication, epidox for treatment of seizures caused by Lennox gastaut and dravent syndromes.

Veterinarians Used CBD For Dogs

The first date for veterinarian use of CBD for seizures was evaluated in 2019. Seizure frequency of dogs evaluated with and without the use of cannibal in conjunction with other drugs. This study showed a significant 82% reduction in seizure frequency in dogs revealing CBD at 2.5 milligrams in a control group. Additional research was done to determine if the correlation between plasma CBD concentration and frequency of seizures indicates a higher dose of cannabis will provide greater evidence of the anti-seizure properties of CBD in dogs. No severe adverse effects were in the study and blood levels of the drugs in precipitants had no effect by the additional CBD.
To this date, CBD research has been concentrated on seizure control and pain management in our animal companions. In 2018 also researchers at the Cornell University published a study that they conducted in Frontiers in Veterinary Science on the pharmacokinetics, safety, and clinical efficacy of cannabidiol in osteoarthritic dogs. Their results showed a significant decrease in pain and increase activity, and did not show any side effects that they could see. They based all this on Canine Brief Pain Inventory and also Hudson activity

In More Recent Studies

Stephenie McGrath, DACVIM [Neurology], MS, DVM, assistant to the professor in the Department of Clinical Science at the James L Voss of Veterinary Teaching at the Colorado State University in Fort Collins. His team did an investigation into the potential benefits of using CBD. He and his team researched treating idiopathic seizures in dogs. There was also a study funded by Applied Basics Science Corporation. This study group was very small but came to the same conclusion as the other studies. 
Addition studies are ongoing in several areas, this includes the use of CBD in more than just cats and dogs. The reports won’t be in until they complete their studies. Many are looking into further described the pharmacokinetics of CBD, and looking at the varying doses of CBD for dogs for different conditions. This is what Gary Richer, DMV, and owner of Holistic Veterinary Care and Rehabilitation Center in Oakland California. They are also looking at CBD for other clinical indications beyond seizures and arthritis pain. This includes anxiety as well.



After the countless hours of research I have done I find CBD for dogs to be very promising. Even though there has not been a lot of research done at this time on it. But there has bin enough research to to come to the conclusion that it is safe. The studies as you can see its promising. As a pet owner myself. 
I would do anything to make sure my dog is healthy. And to make sure he’s got the best possible life I can give him. With all the shady companies I found out there are trying to make a buck with bad quality and can be dangerous products. I have found a few legit companies that have good reviews and also good products. You can get CBD for dogs, like the oil and its recommended to add it in with there food. Like the studies have suggested ingestion is the best way for your dog to receive the CBD. Also CBD treats are another way to go. There are companies that do sell tropic gels and creams, but those will not have the full effect like ingesting the CBD oil or CBD dog treats. They also carry CBD Oil for us humans. I will have their links below. Remember keep a look out for bad products. Hope you and your pooch remain happy.
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